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Who can take 300 hrs RYS TTC?
• One who has completed 200 hr yoga alliance Teachers Training course from any other school or completed from yogadarshnam Mysore.
• One who has very good practice in Yoga and good foundation.
• One who wishes to teach advance Yoga techniques.
• One who has 200 hr RYS certification and wants to complete RYS 300 Hr in order to become RYT 500 or E-RYT500.

Brief Summary of the 300 Hr RYS TTC
1. Full of 4 weeks + 2 weeks optional intern ship
• Study of Ashtanga Yoga- Mysore style
Study of Longest Flow Practice
Study of many YD Intuitive Knowledge
2. Study of philosophy and very important yoga sutras of the pathanjali Yoga sutra
3. Corrections and adjustments.
4. Modification invention and creativity in Asana practice.
5. Advance Yoga Training and Classes.
• Hip opening
• Back bend
• Leg balance
• Hand balance
• Head balance
6. Special anatomical body opening techniques.
7. Different school of sun salutation and moon salutation for specific stretches and benefits.
8. Importance in props in Yoga(B.K.S Iyengar)
9. Partner or Acro Yoga Advance(optional).
10. Yoga Therapy study.
11. Pre-natal Yoga Training.
12. Chakra- energy centers – balance & healing
13. Advance pranayam practice along with usage of bandhas, breath retentions.
14. Study of Mudra Yoga-Gayathri Mudra.
15. Shat Karma –6 Detoxification.
16. Study of different relaxation techniques- Yoga nidra.
17. Dhyana – Meditation Course
18. Indian And Western Anatomy.
19. Spirituality practice – Sathsanga
20. 2 weeks optional internship to assist and lean subtle things.

Monday-Friday Subjects
5:00am–6:30am Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga
6.30am-7.30am Adjustment and correction practice, Advance Pranayamas
7:30am-9:00am Breakfast
9:00am-9:30am Asana Demo related to Yoga Therapy,Prenatal Yoga, etc
9:30pm-10:30pm 1st Week – Mudra Yoga In Detail. 2nd Week – Pre-natal Yoga .3rd and 4th week-Yoga Therapy Training)
10:30pm-11:00am Physiology and methodology of all yoga concepts( Asanas, Pranayama, Chakras, Bandas, Nadis, etc.)
11:15pm-12:00am Acro yoga practice-Optional
12.00am to 1.00pm Anatomy and Ayurveda by Doctor
1:00pm–3:30pm lunch break.
3.30Pm-4.00Pm Teaching Practice, Group Discussion, Self Practice-Swadhyaya
4:00pm-5:30pm Advance Vinyasa Yoga- Back Bending, Hip Opening, Balance-Hand, Head, Leg, Flow, different school of sun salutations, moon salutations, etc.
5:30pm-6:00pm Short rest
6:00pm–7.45pm Yoga Theory, Philosophy, Yoga Sutras, and other yoga concepts,Yoga Prayers, Mantra therapy, Chantings (Shivananda),Meditation (different Schools)

Saturday Subject
6:00am-7.30am Led class of Ashtanga Yoga
7:30am onwards Yogic Kriya or Detox – 1st Week- Part-I -2nd Week – Part-II – 3rd week – Part-III
10:30am – On going Teaching Learning Practice with Main teacher, lesson plan writing, Teaching in G.M Method, 8 steps Method, Teaching practical, feedback from experts.