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Who can take 200Hrs RYS TTC?
• one who has strong interest in Yoga field and has some experience. If you have consistency in regular Yoga practice very much appreciable.
• One who is looking for all Yoga knowledge in one course under one roof.
• One who is looking for both personal(for Safe self practice and learning) and Professional(with a international valid certification with teaching qualification).

Summary of the YD RYS 200 Hrs TTC
• Affordable and lowest fees structure, first time in India on account of Karma Yoga discount.
• One of the top most Yoga Teachers Training studio in the world map with 700 + certified Yoga Teachers from 70+ Countries.
• Full of 4 weeks to cover up all required Yoga concepts with enough leisure time during week days and rest on Saturday afternoon Sunday.
• Study of RYS TTC- to meet Yoga Alliance Education Standard
• Yoga Therapy Training
• Pre-natal Yoga Training
• Different school of Meditations, study of concepts like Mind, soul, sense organs, Gunas (characteristics), etc and Relaxation techniques like IRT, QRT, DRT, Yoga Nidra, etc.
• A complete yoga Mudra chapter.
• A complete Shat-Kriya sessions(Detoxifications)
• Maximum number of Asanas and Pranayamas to cover different area of the body
• Different school of Sun Salutation and Moon Salutation, etc.
• Enough feed back to teach confidently and skilfully(Practical knowledge)
• Enough Yoga philosophy, Anatomy from experts.
• Enough classes on special courses – Partner Yoga, Nadanusanadana, Vinyasa and Sun Salutations flow, etc
• Our TTC is not only Teach but also for self unfoldment under one banner without extra Money and time
• Friendly freedom to expand range of learning yoga and to make your trip happy and pleasure.
• Trained and experienced staff to enhance deep understanding of yoga
• Individualized and personalized to retain more and to attain higher level with limited students.
• Certified teachers can teach Yoga confidently and competently to the different level of students along with interesting yoga concepts.
• Yoga Teachers can also do self study of different school of practice with expert guidance-multi style to understand yoga completely.
• Our RYS TTC is based on Mysore Style-Ashtanga and Iyengar Style.
• Ashtanga Yoga(Raja Yoga) purifies mental body and rational body. Hatha Yoga purifies physical body and pranic body.Ashtanga Yoga cannot be practised without Hatha Yoga Support and vice versa to get sidhis( yogic benefits and powers) as yoga text says.[Reference- Ashtanga- yoga sutra of Pathanjali, light on yoga by B.K.S.Iyengar, Hatha Yoga Pradipika by Swathmarama , etc]
• we focus on different classical Hatha Yoga concepts also .
• So Our TTC covers some of the important yoga concepts of great masters of India with their techniques and approach to enrich our Teacher’s knowledge and to become standard Teacher
• A suitable student centred teaching method to learn in and out of every yoga concept (like general mistake, limitations, Sanskrit and English meaning, benefits(PTS),corrections, applications, implementation, etc)
• A suitable evaluation method for successful Training.
• A valuable certificate from Yogadarshanam recognized by Yoga Alliance U.S.A.
• Encouraging co-curriculum activities like optional Yoga trip, Arts, Cultural activities, etc for enough personality development. And many more new and special.

Motto of the Yoga Instructors Course
• To bring future Yoga Teachers and to spread yoga at their own premises
• To improve your personal practice and for Yoga Sadana in your own spirit and speed
• To gain Indian yoga Knowledge and adapt its valuable things in your life