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‘Yogadarshanam’ is one of the six philosophy (Shad Darshanam) of the India known as ‘Pathanjali Ashtanga Yogadarshanam’. We retained the last word ‘Yogadarshanam’ to respect Indian classical heritage to transfer to the new generations and we added the word ‘Ayush’ to give RE-LIFE to the YOGA field without modifying classical Indian yogic science. So that it became “ Ayush Yogadarshanam”.

The first word ‘Ayush’ meaning is “Life Span”, The middle word ‘Yoga” meaning is “ Union of Body, Mind, Spirit” and the last word ‘Darshanam’ meaning is “ Vision”. Hence Ayush Yogadarshanam or AYD is Union of body, Mind and Spirit to enhance Life Span Or vision to enhance life span by Union of Body, Mind and Spirit.

Today, Ayush Yogadarshanam is recognized as Yogadarshanam Spiritual. Pvt. Limited registered under Government of India under Company act and Yoga alliance USA. The activities we did previously and the whatever activities we undertake in the future come under the brand of “AYUSH YOGADARSHANAM”.

• Teaching Indian Classical yogic science without modifications with proper research work
• Spreading yoga to the public on one at a time by training competent Yoga Teachers with help of Teachers Trainings, workshops, retreats, camps, etc
• Appreciating and Spreading Indian Yoga and yoga related heritage to the world