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Meditation is 7th Limb of Ashtanga Yoga. Meditation is nothing but to channelizing all through waves is one direction by witnessing and by mindfull conscious observation Today, Mind is piece! Piece Hence there is no peace because of unlimited and unwanted scatered mind meditation will bring integrity between body and mind for self realization with the help of self awareness with full of joy and the birth right eternal bliss.

It may probably be desired from the same root as the latin word “mederi” meaning
“to heal” meditation can certainly be looked on as a healing process, emotionally,
mentally and physically too.That is why we are in generally telling mediation is medications.

Methods of Meditation
• A few make an idea and follow it to arrive at a given result (Ex. Active Meditation)
• A few may sit down and try to concentrate on something without following an idea
(Ex: guided meditation)
• A few may sit to arrive true silence and tranquil with or without detaching from external things for the spirituality (Ex. different school of meditation)
• Some are detaching form family, job, worldly things and mediate in a distant place. this is easy but question is who is ready for detachment?, This will be done by some people who has strong desires to become monk (Sanyasi).

• Normal mind – money, food, jobs, hobby, etc.
• Concentrating mind – Distraction + one object
• Meditation mind- object of meditation
• Contemplating mind – Cosmic consciousness

Mind is nothing but Atma – Sakthi. The vast majority of men know not the existence of the mind and it’s operations. It is only the Yogis and those who practice meditation and introspection knows the existence of the mind. Its nature, ways and subtle workings. We can see different types also.
Indian Thought-Conscious, sub conscious, super conscious,
western philosophers- sensational, rational and intuitive.
• Mental Process: Cognition, desire, volition
• Mental Functions: Sensation, thought, volition
• Mental States: Active, passive , neutral ( Alpha, beta, theta, delta)
• Mental Activities: Thinking, planning, feeling, and knowing
• Mental Powers: Sensation, grasping, imagination, judgment, power to hold , etc.,
Note: The conscious mind and unconscious mind has many powers. These powersinfluences our attitudes, personality etc.

Sanskar- Re- Engineering
A sanskar is formed when a particular type of action or thought is repeated and after several repetitions it gradually becomes spontaneous, i.e., natural, which is called ‘habit’. We have repeated several unrighteous action due to body consciousness and finally had resulted into being loaded with some dichard sanskars (habits). Therefore to win over these discard sanskars we have to form a selected positive sanskar and that should be so much emotionally dominant that it would merge out all the efforts of the existing negative sanskar ( More details you need to take TTC)

Meditation List
1. Active-silent Meditation
2. Japa Meditation
3. Chakra Meditation
4. Om-Meditation