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“prana” Means Universal vital force it is a force It is a force essential for all living beings to be alive. Without it we like hardly a few minutes. Among all needs like food, water pranic energy very important Hence it is called life force. “Ayama” means ‘Control’ In one word we can say Science of breath. Yogi Measures his life span in terms of number of breaths, not numbers of days he lives or time so, pranayama is a yogic science to control Prana to channelize within our body thgrough 72,000 nadis to attain higher level of Yoga benefits and to connect body with mind as a bridge.

Pranayama List
1. Nadi Shodana
2. Bhastrika
3. Suryabedana and Chandra bedana
4. Sitali and sitkari
5. Ujjayi