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Spirituality is a broad concept understand. Many things what we do stands for spirituality even though we can understand simply as below Mantras been searching answers for many questions which arises in the path of life, who is the creator of the world? Why we are suffering from ignorance and illusion? What is the way to escape from bondage of the birth and death? what helps us to express devine quality from animal nature? Etc. The result of this search was spirituality.

According to etymology “spirit” is “soul” or vital principle. There fore spirituality is pertaining to “soul” which is invisible but can be self-realized by certain practices by living a life. Also you can understand spirituality is a way of being for re-formation of the personality from ego-centred mind to correct our nations and polish rationale.

If rationale is meatured you see things differently with a different understandings, if it is immature you doubt and may not able to see things properly.

Hence, spirituality makes your rationale matured to see things with full of understanding and to enjoy in all cercumstances. Even scientific research and study has proved that there is significant changes bby stimulating neuro tarnsmitters in the brain to bring body, mind hormany.

There are many ways topractice spirituality physically, mentally and socially. Yoga also one of the way to practice spirituality for self-realization and to experience eternal bliss by Samadhi(the enlightenment-ultimate aim of the Yoga).

“Man” means mind “Tra” mean a tool or instrument hence mantra is a “Instrument of Thought” Mantras has origin from Vedic period. Mantra may have meaning or may not have meaning, but chanted carefully with proper understanding and pronunciation to get effected on psychic body with proper vibration. In mantra OM is called base or fundamental mantra (Pranava) hence it is suffixed and prefixed with other mantras mantra thaerapy helps to care certain psychic ailments with specific mantra for specific problems.

1. Five Elements (Pancha bhuta)
2. Five Bodies (Pancha kosha)
3. Five Pranas (pancha Prana)
4. Agni, Mala, Dhathus
5. Tridosha Theory
6. Nadis
7. Chakra, Prana

1. Introduction to Human anatomy, words, life process etc.
2. Cell, tissue, organ
3. 10 Systems
3.1 Skeletal System
3.2 Muscular System
3.3 Cardiovascular System
3.4 Respiratory System
3.5 Digestive System, Etc..

‘Ha’karh keerthitha suryathi
‘Tha’karh Chandra uchyathe
Surya chandrama suryoogath
Hathyoga nigadythe||.

Shlokas are 2 lines of syllable in each line according to Sanskrit grammer.

Japa is utterance or recitation of sacred word or mantra given by spiritual matter during dhiksha(initiation) or you have chosen volumferily. Japa is different from chanting by then way we chant. Here recitation of mantra or mystic word takes place with pre-decide counts and with strong self discipline & commitment without distracting from any courses. Counting is the major part with proper utterance along with alarted mind. Japa practioner use japa mala or hands to count with proper yoga pose.

1. Vachika (oral chant)
2. Upamshu (wishpering)
3. Manasika (mental recitation)

And in adcvance one can reach to Ajapa-japa state. Here you count sacred word which you have taken for your spiritual practices without any effort. This effortless recitation will substitute in your mind in the place of all other emotions and throughts to experience joy, bliss, calmness.