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Advance Yoga Sessions
This Sessions help you to go deeper in to Asana with Alignment, Ujjayi breath, Dristi ,Anatomy. you will able to cover Many Advance Asanas using a specialized flow or sequence with some of the foundation sessions asanas as well as if helps to be firm and stable in your regular asana practice.

1. Hip opening
2. Back bending
3. Leg balance
4. Hand balance
5. Head balance and inverted yoga poses
6. A specialized anatomical warm up
7. 6 types of different surya namaskara flow
8. A easy and convenient technique with wall ,tool, yoga props, mat or partner assistance for different poses.

Yogadarshanam Intuitive Knowledge
1.Longest Flow Practice- Save time and practice more
2.Ideal Asana class Plan- How to give all exercises benefits in Yoga class
3.Ideal Yoga Class- How to get Yoga benefits
4.Formula for Asana plan
5.Other contemporary useful methods

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga
Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a kind of Yoga known as Mysore style yoga developed and popularized by T.N. Krishnamacharya Tradition Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga will be done dynamically along with breath and bandhas coordination. This will create intense heat like fever to purify our sweat as well as our body muscles and organs with healthy and steady blood circulation to calm down mind with healthy and light body.

There are different synonyms for vinyasa. It refers to flow, sequence or specific Movement done between Asanas through out the Practice.

Stages of Astanga Vinyasa Yoga
• Primary series- Yoga Therapy-Chikista
• International Series-Nadishuddi-Cleancing Pranic Energy channels.
• Advanced Series- Sthira Bhagya to enable serene, Calmness, peace.

Advance partner yoga or acro yoga
Different advance yoga postures can be achieved through this session as well as you will gain a complete idea to conduct partner yoga class after learning different partner yoga formation. It is quite challenging and entertaining to enjoy yoga Asana with partner assistance.

Prenatal yoga
analytical and practical practice of prenatal yoga with
1. Antenatal period-pre-pregnancy
2. Prenatal-during pregnancy
3. Postnatal-post pregnancy yoga programme and guidelines and yoga solutions for different problems in various stages of pregnancy. Etc. (see Prenatal Yoga course)

Chakras: Energy centers
detailed study of chakras with mantra ,color, characteristics etc.,
1. Chakra balance technique
2. Chakra healing technique
Pranayama and Bandhas
you can study advances pranayama technique with breath retention along with safety valve. Jalandara bandha,uddiyana bandha, Moola bandha,etc.,

you can learn various types of mudras like
1. Body mudra(kaya)
2. Mind mudra(mana)
3. Banndha mudra
4. Adhara mudra
5. Gayatri Mudra- you will learn Gayatri mudra with Gayatri mantra and other mystic, scared prayers and procedure.

Shat kriya(6-detox techniques)
1. Advance kapalabhathi
2. Advance Jala nethi and sutra nethi
3. Kunjar kriya
4. Shankha prakshalana
5. Agnisara, Nauli (middle,right,left) and Chalana(movement)
6. Trataka(Jyothi)

• Yoga Nidra(yogic sleeping)
• Shavasana-dead body consciousness, ujjai breath etc.,

study of different meditation and practice will help you to choose best one to your student.
1. Silent meditation
2. Japa meditation
3. Chakra meditation
4. Prana dyana
5. OM Meditation and Healing( a part of pranic and energy healing process)

Assisting and intern ship
this class helps our teachers to understand teaching skills ,correction techniques, sequence formation, lecturing and demonstration concepts. It also helps to improve confidence ,body language, communication skill ,interaction , etc in live classes to teach confidently .

Yoga Therapy Training
This session will give you complete idea to take yoga class for different ailments as well as to understand body very deeply. practical study of yoga therapy includes a special ,experienced and researched schedule from different scholars of the India with kriya ,asana, pranayama, special exercise, relaxation, meditation, mudra, diet ,lifestyle etc.

• Yoga therapy for chronic back pain
• Yoga therapy for acute back pain
• Yoga therapy for Back muscles spasm or Muscles discomforts
• Yoga therapy for neck pain
• Yoga therapy acute neck pain
• Shoulder problems
• Eyes problems
• Weight reduction(yoga aerobics)
• Diabetes
• Heart problems
• Hypertension
• Stress management(SMET)
• Vertigo (Exercise therapy)
• Uterus problems
• Digestive disorders
• Arthritis (knee)
• Breathing problems
• Yoga for senior citizens
• Yoga for slimming and fitness (core yoga)
• Yoga for face ,nose, ear, scalp, teeth.

Human anatomy
Here anatomy class will be given in related to the yoga therapy training to understand different system, functions and disorders of the human body. Dr. Aparna will handle this class.

• Pathanjali yoga sutra
• Brief study on 6 philosophy of India (Shad Darshana)-Optional
• Ayurveda Basics
• Karma yoga Philosophy (Path of action)
• Bhakthi yoga Philosophy (love & surrender)
• Jana yoga Philosophy (Knowledge & Analyse)

Sathsanga and Chanting
It trains our right brain(emotional brain) working on nervous system with soothing effect and correct flow of prana (Nerve current) to purify our emotions by replacing soft emotions instead of violent emotions. As well as helps to lengthen your breath(Exhalation)
• Daily Chanting of shivananda Ashrama
• Important Manthras & Slokas