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Mudra means ‘seal’ or ‘Gesture’ and also medical science believes circuit by pass. It is a branch of ancient yogic science like Hatha Yoga. It has been mentioned that Mudras are more powerful than asanas and Pranayama. Several Mudras can be practised to regulate , several involuntary, physiological and biochemical activities . Today Mudra is used to cure illness, to balance body and mind etc.

Theory with detail explanations
Mudra theory and its wide usage
Principles of balance, increase and decrease of five elements
applications of mudra on our body
Guidelines to practice mudra
Existence of 5 elements and science
Relationship between 5 elements(Pancha Tattva) and Doshas
General Mudras and Therapeutic Mudras to cure and prevent illness

• Mudra with Body (Kaya Mudra)
• Mudra with Mind (Mana Mudra)
• Mudra With Locks(Bandha Mudra)
• Mudra with Perennial Part(Adhara Mudra)
• Mudra with fingers(Hastha Mudra) or Tattva (Elements) Mudra
• Gayathri Mudra ( Its is a series of 32 Mudra with mantra and different mystic Chanting )

NOTE: Any body can take this course to keep their health very simply and specially useful for Yoga Teachers. Our TTC students need not to take this course since it includes in the Training.