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Pregnancy is a special period in women’s life and also the word pregnancy itself will create lots of emotions. One side the creation of divine process, giving a life through birth expecting joy, happiness etc . On other hand waiting long time, anxiety, pain etc. The Yoga is going to help to overcome most of the pregnancy complication and to bring a healthy baby to the world. This special Yoga practices teach you a new way to enjoy pregnancy period right from conceive to until delivery.

A Brief Summary of Course Curriculum
• A experienced yoga practice list for pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy and post-pregnancy.
• Different Yoga practice list for 3 semesters during pregnancy.
• A talk to fetus and tremendous joy from – Meditation
• A way to make your baby disease free from – Pranayama, Mudra.
• Special yoga Asanas for normal delivery, and Post natal Exercises techniques for fast recovery and Normal shape
• Coping techniques for Labor, Asana Positions for Comfort during First and Second Stage of Labor and PartnersRole
• Suitable diet plan, relaxation process, Breathing awareness and other health tips
• Different Yoga therapy PRACTICE for pregnancy complications- Pelvic girdle Pain, Back, Bladder, BowelsLeg swelling, Moring sickness, Constipation, etc.
• Pelvic Floor Muscles Asana and Exercises
• comfort after your delivery
• Activity in the early days after delivery- Caesarean Delivery, Do’s and Don’ts, etc
• Getting back to normal* Course Manual will be provided.

NOTE: Our TTC students need not to take this course as it includes in the Training. We are offering this course also in REGULAR CLASSES for Pregnant ladies & whoever planning for pregnancy
NOTE-Time Table Subject to Change