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Pregnancy is a special period in women’s life and also the word pregnancy itself will create lots of emotions. One side the creation of divine process, giving a life through birth expecting joy, happiness etc . On other hand waiting long time, anxiety, pain etc. The Yoga is going to help to overcome most of the pregnancy complication and to bring a healthy baby to the world. This special Yoga practices teach you a new way to enjoy pregnancy period right from conceive to until delivery.

Brief Summary of the Course Curriculum
• A experienced yoga practice list for pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy and post-pregnancy.
• Different Yoga practice list for 3 semesters during pregnancy.
• A talk to fetus and tremendous joy from – Meditation
• A way to make your baby disease free from – Pranayama, Mudra.
• Special yoga Asanas for normal delivery, and Post natal Exercises techniques for fast recovery and Normal shape
• Coping techniques for Labor, Asana Positions for Comfort during First and Second Stage of Labor and Partner’s Role
• Suitable diet plan, relaxation process, Breathing awareness and other health tips
• Different Yoga therapy PRACTICE for pregnancy complications- Pelvic girdle Pain, Back, Bladder, Bowels, Leg swelling,
Morning sickness, Constipation, etc.
• Pelvic Floor Muscles- Asana and Exercises
• comfort after your delivery
• Activity in the early days after delivery- Cesarean Delivery, Do’s and Don’ts
• Tips for Getting back to normal shape.

NOTE:This is 10days Yoga Course.
Our TTC students need not to take this course as it includes in the Training. We are offering this course also in REGULAR CLASSES for Pregnant ladies & whoever planning for pregnancy for longer time.