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This course contains different Kriya (Cleansing) , it has different names like Shat kriya, Shat karma, etc. This Hatha Yoga Cleansing techniques will be given depending on students demand. Kriya session includes both basic Kriya and advance kriya ( For Advance Students only) as explained and practiced by ancient yogi to cleanse body and mind for the Yoga Sadhana. The main benefits of all the kriya is to eliminate toxins and to expand life span of the cells and organs. Anybody can take this course specially for Yoga practitioners .One can adapt the following suitable kriyas before starting regular Asana and pranayam practice in the early morning time with specific intervals and duration as.

1. Kapal Bhathi (Frontal brain and Lungs)
2. Jala nethi(nasal passage cleansing)
3. Sutra nethi(nasal passage cleansing)
4. Vamana dhauthi(upper alimentary track cleansing)
5. Shankhaprakshalana(whole alimentary canal-mouth to anus, cleansing or Master Cleansing)
6. Mala Shodhana- rectum Cleansing
7. Trataka- eyes cleansing
8. Danta-moola dhauti- Teeth
9. Jivha -shodhan dhauti-Tongue
10. Karna dhauti- Ears
11. Agnisara- Gastric fire activation

Advance Students
1. Danda dhauti(rubber tube)
2. Vastra dhauti(cloth)
3. Advance Sutra nethi
4. Nauli – Right – Middle – Left- (for Intestines and recti muscles)
5. Kapal Bhati – VatKrama, VyutKrama, Sheetkrama

• Kriya materials are provided
• Clear Explanation about Benefits, Limitations, etc.
• Proper techniques and method to practice by Santhosh Kumar
• Kriya course will be given on demand only with Asana and Pranayama sessions