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YTTC- Curriculum
• Yoga Technical Classes: Analysis of asanas, pranayama, kriyas, bhandhas, mudras with its name, background, techniques, limitations, common mistakes, application, benefits, modifications, variations, contra indications ,curative values for therapy, way of demonstration, observation, style, corrections, yoga sequence formation, etc.
• Yoga Training Classes: Includes practice of all yoga techniques – Asanas, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha, Kriya, different school of Sun Salutations and Moon Salutations, Yoga Therapy sessions, pre-natal yoga, Partner yoga, advance yoga courses, etc.
• Yoga Anatomy and Physiology Classes: Study of human body(cells and tissues, skin, bones, joints, muscles, respiratory system, circulatory system, digestive system, excretory system etc) both from medical and yoga point of view.
• Yoga Philosophy and Ethics Classes: It includes study of (Ashtanga Yoga-8limbs)yoga scriptures(yoga sutra), different streams of yoga (Mainly chuturyoga-4fold yoga)Mantra, Yoga Prayers, Auto-biography of yogi, Guidelines and principles to practice yoga, yoga in education (physical Education, and value education) Panchakosha , Panchaprana, chakras , Nadis, ethics for yoga teacher, classroom environment, Teaching methodology, Teaching – learning process, psychology of the learner, Yoga lesson plan, Demonstration method, etc.
• Yoga Practical Classes: Students should do enough teaching practice and observation of live teaching class. At the end of the course students should do assisting work with main teacher and also teaching practice with expert feed back. And also capable to show required asanas and pranayama , etc properly.
• Seva yoga /Karma yoga Classes: The students can help to run the yoga school which includes office work, organizing different programmes, etc to get administrative knowledge. Seva is serving others and helping others with compassion, serving not for personal gratification but to up lift others. It is an offering with best thoughts, sympathy and compassion without others force(optional)
• Yoga Meditation and Relaxation Classes: Includes study of different school of meditation .Students can apply any one of the meditation which is suitable for them. During training students should study meditation techniques and can apply suitable meditation technique to their students. Different kinds of relaxation techniques are included which are discovered from different yoga research centers. Shavasana, Instant relaxation technique ( IRT),Quick Relaxation technique (QRT), Deep Relaxation technique (DRT), Bhavana (Auto Suggestion), Yoga nidra, belly breathing(abdomen) etc.
• Self Practice Classes: Includes study of different school of meditation, study of different yoga systems , Biography of great Indian yoga Masters , different yoga books, sharing knowledge , discussion , case study etc.
• Yoga Activities Classes: Optional yoga trip and practicing yoga in out door –holy places, Beach, Forest, Mountain, etc. Krida yoga(yoga games) , talent expression, cultural programmes like bhajanas , chanting , drama , role play, drawing of yoga postures and other yoga concepts, etc
Yoga Activities Classes
Optional yoga trip and practicing yoga in out door – holy places, Beach, Forest, Mountain, etc. Krida yoga(yoga games) , talent expression, cultural programmes like bhajanas , chanting , drama , role play, drawing of yoga postures and other yoga concepts, etc
Yoga Activities Classes
Optional yoga trip and practicing yoga in out door – holy places, Beach, Forest, Mountain, etc. Krida yoga(yoga games) , talent expression, cultural programmes like bhajanas , chanting , drama , role play, drawing of yoga postures and other yoga concepts, etc

• Introduction of Anatomy will be taken on Convenient time according to experts convenience.
• Optional yoga trip and activities will be arranged on suitable 4th weekend on demand.
• Students can do karma / seva yoga according to once own interest.
• The Time table is structured with many Yoga concepts to cover essential things to become a successful yoga teacher. Not just by heart of some philosophy and bending body.
• Our TTC Study is Integrated from experts(Poorn Yoga), learning one subject leads to learn another subject. Hence, no study worries and burden.
• Remember our YTTC will keep you engaged in study even after the training to learn and acquire all the Knowledge to get in to the Sadana(Achieve).
• TTC timings may be adjusted slightly for teaching convenience if necessary
• Our YTTC is not only to teach but also for your deep self practice( Swadhyaya , as mentioned in Pathanjali AshtangaYoga Sutra).
• Students can discuss or Revision can be taken on free time with prior appointment if any subject is unable to understand

• Kapal Bhati(Frontal Brain cleancing and Lungs)
• Trataka-eye cleansing
• Jala nethi(nasal clancing with water)
• Sutra nethi(nasal cleancing with rubber cathetor))
• Vamana dhauthi(upper alimentary track)
• Agnisar (Churning)- Preparation
• Nauli – Right – Middle – Left and Nauli Chalana-Preparation
• Shankaprakshalana(alimentary canal cleancing-mouth to anus) – Lagoo(Half)

Yoga Therapy Training
• Basic elements of yoga therapy.
• Panchkosha, Panchaprana, Tridosa theory.
• Yogic concept of illness.
• Yogic Management of Diseases- world’s most common most Diseases with Practice Plan, Theory, Anatomy, etc
Study of yoga therapy for Many important diseases in detail with materials along with following practices

Study of Yoga Therapy Exercises
1. For Head 2. For Eyes 3. For Nose 4. For Ears 5. For Mouth Cavity-Teeth 6. For Neck 7. For Shoulders 8. For Arms
9. For Chest 10. For Stomach-Abdomen Muscles 11. For Waist 12. For Ankle and Toes 13. For Knees 14. For Spinal Chord -Back

Study of Yogic Breathing Exercises
1. Ankle Stretch Breathing
2. Hands in and out breathing
3. Hands stretch breathing(at 90,135,180degree)
4. Tiger breathing-A & B,
5. Dog breathing(abdomen),
6. Rabbit breathing(thorax),
7. Shashankasana breathing
8. Cobra breathing, Locust breathing
9. Shalabhasana Breathing
10.Straight leg rise breathing

Yogic Movements- Study of warm up Exercises
1. Jogging – Front, back, sides, leg swinging followed with Mukha Dhouthi( Heart and lungs rest)
2. Posterior and anterior stretching
3. Sides Stretching
4. Spinal twist
5. Parivritta trikonasana stretching
6. Hamstring Stretch Exercises
7. Quadriceps Exercises
8. Waist Loosening Exercises
9. Shoulder Loosening Exercises
10. Hip opener- Exercises

Study of Yogic Resting Poses
• Sithali tadsana
• Mukha dhauti
• Shashankasana
• Sithalidandasana
• Makarasana
• Child pose(balasana)
• Nispandasana
• Shavasana

Meditations(Different School of Meditations)
• Om-Meditation
• Chakras meditation(psychic centers) – Students Should Practice 1 & 2 regularly during YTTC Note : The following Meditation Techniques are only for theoretical study during 200hrs YTTC and can be taken for self study(swadhyaya)during Training.
• Japa meditation
• Silent meditation
• Cyclic Meditation
• So-hum Meditation with breathing(breathing of the soul)

Shavasana IRT, QRT, DRT, Yoga nidra-Yogic sleep

The following Asanas will be taught in detail with limitations, Benefits, Techniques, etc. along with 23 basic set of Asanas (Shivananda and Svyasa )from which all Asanas are generated originally

Category Name of Asanas
Surya Namaskar Stithi(Tadasana), Namaskarasana, UrdhavaHasthasana, Pada Hasthasana, Ekapadaprasaranasana, Devepada prasaranasana(or Dandasana),Sastanganamaskarasana, Bhujangasana, Budarasana Ekapada prasaranasana, Pada Hastasana, UrdhvaHastasana, Tadasana
Leg balancing pose)(Tadasana) Parvatasana, Vrikshasana+ Vriksha Kriya, Utkatasana(1,2,3), Garudasana Utitha Hasta Padangustasana(3 types), Natarajasana, ParshvaKatiChakrasana ArdhaKatiChakrasana(I & II & III)
Triangle pose (Trikonasana) Uthita – hastapadasana, Parshva – hastapadasana, Trikonasana -I & II, Parshvakonasana, Parshottanasana, Parivritaparshvakonasana, Veerabhadrasana–A, Veerabhadrasana –B, Veerabhadrasana–C, ArdhaChandrasana Prasarita padottanasana-I, II,III,IV, Parighasana A & B
Head Balance (SirshaSana) Uttanasana, Padangustasana, Padahastasana A & B, Adhomukha Svanasana A & B,Samatholanasana A,B,C,Vasistasana A & B & C,Chaturanga dandasana,Ordhva Mukha Shvanasana, Anjaneyasana, Adhomukha Veerasana, Vajrasana, Sirshasana
Front Bending (pascimottanasana) Dandasana,Ordhvahasta – dandasana, Paschimottanasana, Poorothanasana A, Janu –Sirshasana, Ardha padma paschimothanasana, Ardha baddha padma paschimothanasana, Parivritta Janu -Sirshasana Trianga Mukhaikapada Paschimottanasana ,Krounchasana, Marichyasana A & B,vUpavistakonasana, OrdhvaUpavitakonasana, Kormasana, Baddakonasana
Backbending (Sitting) Supta Vajrasana, Ustrasana, Veerasana, Supta veerasana A & B & C Paryankasana, Shashankasana
Prone pose (Back bending) Bhujangasana A & B & C,Shalabasana A,B,C,D, Bekasana (Ekapada & Dwipada), Dhanurasana, Parshva Dhanurasana, Anantasana, Makarasana
Supine pose (Back bending) Chakrasana, Setubandasana A & B, Supta padangustasana I & II Naavasana(Ardha & poorna), Suptakonasana, OrdhvaMukha Paschimottanasana
Twisting pose Vakrasana, Marichyasana -C,D, Baradvajasana – A & B Ardha – Mastyendrasana
Hand Balancing pose (Gomukasana) Utita dandasana, Gomukhasana,Padmasana, Baddha Padmasana Yoga Mudra, Padma namanasana, Supta Padmasana, Gorakshasana Tolasana A & B, Mayurasana, Hamsasana
ShoulderStand pose (Sarvangasana)-Finishing Poses Sarvangasana + variations, Halasana, Karnapidasana, Niralamba Sarvangasana(No support), Ordhva Padmasana, Matsyasana(Ardha & Poorna), Uttana padasana I & II
Rest Shavasana