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‘Yogadarshanam’ is one of the six philosophy (Shad Darshanam) of the India known as ‘Pathanjali Ashtanga Yogadarshanam’. We retained the last word ‘Yogadarshanam’ to respect Indian classical heritage to transfer to the new generations and we added the word ‘Ayush’ to give RE-LIFE to the YOGA field without modifying classical Indian yogic science. So that it became “ Ayush Yogadarshanam”.

The first word ‘Ayush’ meaning is “Life Span”, The middle word ‘Yoga” meaning is “ Union of Body, Mind, Spirit” and the last word ‘Darshanam’ meaning is “ Vision”. Hence Ayush Yogadarshanam or AYD is Union of body, Mind and Spirit to enhance Life Span Or vision to enhance life span by Union of Body, Mind and Spirit.

Today, Ayush Yogadarshanam is recognized as Yogadarshanam Spiritual. Pvt. Limited registered under Government of India under Company act and Yoga alliance USA. The activities we did previously and the whatever activities we undertake in the future come under the brand of “AYUSH YOGADARSHANAM”.

• Teaching Indian Classical yogic science without modifications with proper research work
• Spreading yoga to the public on one at a time by training competent Yoga Teachers with help of Teachers Trainings, workshops, retreats, camps, etc
• Appreciating and Spreading Indian Yoga and yoga related heritage to the world.



Yogadarshanam offers Accommodation to its Yoga students whoever visiting Gokulam , Mysore for short time and long time yoga courses in a clean , comfortable and secure environment above the school as well as besides the school to enjoy yoga training with homely feeling. Accommodation cost starts from 7,000 rupees to 15,000 rupees for a month from basic to luxurious both private and sharing. You get cheaper cost for early bookings.Our School assistant will take care and guide you according to your needs.

What is included in accommodation ?
· Good bed with Pillow , Blanket , Bed spread
· Attached Bathroom ( Western Style ) with toilet
· Hot water and Fan
· Most of the Rooms include study table and chair
· Wardrobe to keep things and clothes
· Common Kitchen / attached Small Kitchen available on demand
· Most of the accommodation includes good Wi-Fi connection

Note: You can accommodate after personal inspection with the help of our assistant upon arrival if you don’t want to reserve.

Note: Accommodation cost may increase than the price we mentioned  here for Last min booking in certain months

Yoga Food

Yogadarshanam now started Sathvik Home made Yoga food for our Training students. Food includes a standard recipe served in most of the Ashrama and Yoga school of India. Food Cooked with care and served with love and compassion. 1 break fast(Tea/coffee with Roti, Dosa, Idli, Upma, Pongal, etc) and 2 Vegetarian meals(Rice, Chapathi, Vegetables, curry, Subji, Sambar, Curd, with some special dishes) served throughout the Training programme 6 days a week.  So that you can book course  and  Food together in the package.

Gokulam also has lots of mouth watering foods and variety of menu on breakfast , lunch , Dinner both European and Indian style around the school in yoga cafe , restaurant and  in some places for home made food .
Students can also take responsibility  to eat on their choice if they don’t want to include in PACKAGE Since most of the students have their own personal ethics and choice in food .
So that you can eat your own delicious sathvik/organic/Jain/Vegan/ yogic food and enjoy .

Pray Your Food
Pray Your Food

Note: Now we  started Packages of COURSE + ACCOMMODATION + FOOD also. Email us , we promise you the best packages at offered able price compare to any Yoga School or place in India.

Other amenities
· Your accommodation is very closer to Shops/ Market / Laundry / Water supply
Hospitals / Baby sitting. Get all these services at your place on a call
· School also attached to a beautiful Green Garden to enjoy free time
· Bicycle / Scooter are also available for rent
· Schools also has facilities to arrange Food on demand with additional charge upon arrival


You can book your Flight Directly to closest International airport – Bangalore Kempegowda International Airport upon landing you can reach School Directly by airport taxi From the school. You also have other options to reach Mysore by Fly Bus / Bus from the airport or train in 3-4 hours journey. Contact school to book a taxi with safe and trusted driver From the school. If you come by train or bus you need to take Rikshaw to reach school address upon arrival to Mysore bus stand. Mysore Local airport Known as Mandakalli Airport situated 12km From the Mysore city is now started to service. You can get internal domestic flight from Chennai, Goa and from Bangalore airport to Mysore.
What to Bring ?
You can bring these things with your Personal Luggage’s or you have options to purchase here in Local Gokulam shop.
· Your own yoga Mat
· Towel / Straps / Blocks / Cushions etc If you want
· Good note book or Record Book
· Camera / Recorder to record Lessons for future use if you want
. A passport size photo and photocopy of passport and visa