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Yogadarshanam Foundation is a Charitable trust and an initiative of the Yogadarshanam Spiritual Pvt Ltd. Yogadarshanam has been doing good work to spread yoga to the rural area and to educate poor children with financial support and of course for poor people for their treatments without any recognition. Now Yogadarshanm created YD-Foundation to do formal welfare activities under Founder President Yogacharya Santhosh Kumar. Some part of your yoga fee in Mysuru and Mastre’s abroad Training and Workshop’s fee will be contributed to YDF charitable trust for social welfare activities. You will receive unlimited deep yoga knowledge in all our Yoga Courses for yourself and by joining to our Yoga Training Courses your going to support us in the Social activities as well.

So be proud to join our our Yoga School and appreciate yourself that your learning grate things to your life and donating something to the mankind . We also welcome and appreciate if you want to contribute your own share to the YDF trust for the welfare of needy people.

 To Conduct Yoga Camps and Workshops in rural area to improve health conditions of the poor people and there by to improve productivity of the general public in order to improve economical condition of the India

 To undertake poor children and ensure that they are receiving minimum of education for better life in order to prepare good citizen for next generation.

 Our motto and aims never end here, may god bless us to add some more things to target according to our ability