Yogadarshanam Teacher’s Training

Yoga teacher training course in Mysore directs you to the right place. The Yogadarshanam, which has been well known and popular for the last 2 decades, is well known for its dedication and responsibility taken while training each yoga instructor in the course across the globe.

Santhosh ji strongly believed that training a yoga teacher is responsible work to lead and train a teacher on the right yoga path with in-depth yoga knowledge, refining yoga heritage for future yoga generations without polluting ancient Indian yogic science.

Yogadarshanm carefully designed a yoga training system with two variants: Ashtanga yoga teacher training and Hatha yoga teacher training, from level-1 to level-3. Each yoga training will help you learn various yoga techniques and gain experience in your daily yoga practice. Also to build and grow your professional yoga career.

Our detailed and well-illustrated different yoga concepts, such as the maximum number of Asanas (8), pranayama (10), meditation (4), relaxation (4), surya namaskara (1-7) philosophy, anatomy, course materials, and post-training support, will keep you busy learning and progressing for years and years. It has been tested and proven by over 2100 yoga-certified yoga teachers as of now. So what are you waiting for? Pick your training course, learn in the right place and with the right teacher, save money and save time.

“one training and all yoga knowledge, put your own roots and begin to grow with health and happiness.”