About Yogadarshanam®

Yogadarshanam is widely recognized and well established as an iconic yoga brand for yoga teachers training to become professional and high-standard yoga instructors, along with many yoga classes which feed health and wellness, and hand-picked yoga courses which are signature courses in our yoga school to provide rigorous intellectual skills as well as career or eased education.

Yogadarshanam was founded nearly two decades ago in Mysore, South India by Yogacharya Santhosh based on the Ashtanga yoga and Hatha yoga systems to reach all irrespective of age, race, gender, without any discrimination in yoga practice. Yogadarshanam conducts all training and promotes yoga globally through its tailor-made yoga courses and unique training system following the lineage of classical yoga.

Yoga is contributed by many yoga legends. This has made Yogadarshanam become a best-rated yoga training school in India and has been a leader in yoga training and education on the global yoga map among many popular yoga institutes. This led us to train nearly 10,000 yoga students under health education and over 2100 certified yoga teachers from 100+ countries.

Yogacharya Santhosh realized the mode of yoga and the needs of the people over 23 years of continuous research and experimentation in the yogic educational system illuminated with a solution to fix health and happiness with proper work-life balance. (Promising and convincing to keep away material greed, rates, and stress and to light a spark of light – spiritual knowledge).

The diligent work of a master promises a quality life and convinces you to manage your material desires, day to-day life and become stressful, initiating a step to light a pair of lights without sport. We believe that happiness is our birth right and happy people are more successful in multiple life domains. But becoming happy is not an easy thing. The key to our happiness and health. If you are healthy, then happiness bounces. Becoming healthy is not a regular series. Also, becoming healthy means not just on a physical level, it is all about physical, mental, and spiritual levels. This is what Ashtanga yoga and hatha yoga were made for. The whole essence of yoga and the approach of yogadarshanam is to achieve this without any superficial knowledge. Also, the word yogadarshanam is meant for this.

Our Vision

The word Yogadarshanam came from six philosophy of …. India called shad darshanam. Maharshi Pathanjali Yogadarshanam is the inspiration for choosing the Yogadarshanam title for our yoga school. The word Yogadarshanam indicates doing yoga in its pure form without polluting it, as you have seen people creating their own style and brand in the name of yoga unnecessarily.

Yogadarshanam has two different words.

Yoga = Union Darshanam = vision. Union is body, mind, and soul. The vision is to look into the secret path of this and achieve it, as Pathanjali said in Ashtanga yoga with Acharya and Vairagya. Hence, Yogadarshanam means classic and authentic to transfer the ancient yoga heritage to the next generation in its pure form without forgetting the modern lifestyle and requirements of individuals.

Our Standard

Yogadarshanam is one of the oldest yoga institutes conducting yoga teacher training for the last 15 years in Gokulam, Mysore. Currently, Yogadarshanam has trained over 2100 yoga teachers from 100 countries and over 10000 yoga students in health and wellness classes and yoga camps.

Yogadarshanam is a trade mark registered for yoga in India and a registered company under the company act of the government of India with CIN………………………

All our yoga teachers’ training courses are accredited by Yoga Alliance USA, hence our yoga certification is valid in India and internationally to teach yoga. The name of the school has spread across the globe in many newspapers, TV channels, websites, BBC, History channel, etc. are some of them.

Our Value

1. Respect

Yogadarshanam respects all Indian yoga legends and their contribution to the yoga field, along with yoga parmpara, ancient yogic science is transferred in its pure form without adultration and remains intentionally for market or business purposes. We also expect the same kind of students to attend our yoga institute.

2. Ahimsa (Non violence)

We have adapted to a simple lifestyle without any violence; we expect and welcome all yoga learners with a sense of friendliness and appreciation without creating any violence within and around their surroundings during their training.

Our Mission

  • To establish a yoga ashrama under Yogadarshanam name for Gurukula Sadhana for all our certified yoga teachers as an ultimate training under parampara.
  • To create another 5000 more yoga teacher across the globe to spread yoga in its pure form with rich experience.
  • To call all our certified yoga teachers to refresh their knowledge and clear doubts, answer questions which are generated from their sadhana or self-practices as a post-training support.
  • Recognizing our yoga teachers’ seniority and qualification to train people as contemporary yoga teachers of the Yogadarshanam.
  • Providing financial support to selected poor people under the name of Yogadarshanam foundation (R) and conducting free yoga camps and health education wherever people are not able to reach.


We are doing all our service more transparently based on karma yoga principles. Every action has its reaction. This is our mantra.

Our Policy

We have adopted all the Yoga Alliance educational policies like enrollment, attendance, refund, anti-harassment, and grievance policy.