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    Yogacharya Santhosh Kumar

    Hatha Yoga- BKS Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga, mysore style yoga master from 2 decades of 50,000 Hrs Teaching Experiences

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    Yoga courses and regular Yoga classes in Mysore, India.

    Our yoga institution offers many yoga courses and regular yoga classes on Yoga therapy, Prenatal yoga, Acro yoga etc to enjoy unique experience of interesting yoga styles under one roof brought by India’s fore most yoga teachers and renowned yoga masters for spiritual enhancement.

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    Yoga Teacher's Training in Mysore,India

    Our Yoga school introduces RYS-200 Hrs, 300- Hrs and 500 Hrs Yoga Teachers Training recognized by Yoga Alliance. This Yoga Instructors course is International yoga certification programme based on Ashtanga yoga and hatha yoga to learn Indian yoga traditions personally and also to teach professionally.

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    Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in Mysore

    Are you searching for a safe Ashtanga yoga training? Here we are!. Our Yoga studio is a Well known place to practice Mysore yoga style with proper adjustment & alignment along with modifications in combination with pranayama and meditation.

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    why yogadarshanam?

    Our school provides all yoga courses and trainings based on classical yoga and contemporary method at lowest affordable fee structure comparatively in India having 900+ certified yoga teachers from 93+ countries with a experience of 21 years in yoga and teaching field.

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    We Challenge you!

    On account of karma yoga and social services, we offer teachers training along with many other yoga courses at lowest fee. You won’t get this any where else! you understand that all our training courses are with immense yoga knowledge, challenges even for higher scholar in yoga.

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  • Yoga Studio Mysore|Yoga Retreat in India|Workshop on Multistyle.

    Our yoga center provides regular Yoga classes to drop-in for beginners, Intermediates and advance level of students on Yoga Therapy, Mudra Yoga, Pre-natal Yoga and Acro-yoga, Yogadarshanam also conducts Teachers Training,Yoga workshop and Yoga Retreat worldwide on various Yoga concepts.

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Ashtanga Yoga Teachers Training in Mysore, India and Mysore Hatha Yoga teachers training made Yogadarshanam school top Yoga Studio in the world map based on  Ashtanga vinyasa yoga – Mysore style and Hatha yoga Training – B.K.S Iyengar style with other contemporary yoga methods developed by founder and director Yogacharya Santhosh Kumar believing in Yoga Parampara -the lineage of Yoga heritage. B.K.S Iyengar yoga is mainly based on alignment and precise movement of Yoga asanas with proper understanding of breathe and techniques. We encourage students to do naturally with proper corrections and adjustment without use of more probes where as Traditional Mysore style allows students to practice in their own speed and capacity(Yathashkthi) with the supervision of Yoga master with a series of movements taken between or within a posture known as “Vinyasa” with Trinity-Bandha(Lock), Dristi( Concentration Points) and powerful fire breathe- ujjayi. Also Yoga Guru’s weekly led class challenges yoga students to follow speed and rhythm of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga.

Why We Are So Special!

Ours is the first Yoga institute offering many additional yoga courses like Yoga Therapy Training, Prenatal Yoga Training, Mudra Yoga Training, Acro yoga/Kids Yoga and regular yoga classes on many yoga styles under one roof to understand deep yogic science and spirituality practice.
Yoga students will stop searching and catch up Yogadarshanam If they are looking for yoga retreat/yoga vocation in India or Yoga schools in India for teachers training from beginners to Advance levels.

Our school also focuses on Pranayama and Meditation classes with proper personal attentions.Today, It is well known meditation centre in Mysore to conduct Various Meditation Techniques for Spirituality and Therapeutic benefits. We give this in course basis as well as a part of all Certified Yoga Instructor Course. All Yoga seers will receive Yoga knowledge with customised theory, philosophy,technical information with the history of Indian Yoga traditions in simplified way in easy English language.

All this has made Yoga students to choose Yogadarshanam as one of the best yoga centre/yoga destination to study classical yoga in Mysore, South India as a comprehensive collections of many Yoga masters of India.

Meet Your Guru

Master Santhosh Kumar is one of the qualified Yoga/Health and Nutrition expert form Mysore University and E-RYT 500 and YACEP with highest rating in India under Yoga alliance registry trained 2000+ Certified Yoga Instructors over 100 Countries having more than 50,000HRS Teaching  Experience from last 2 decades. Master is basically A Formal Education Teacher turned towards yoga when his Education Professor selected him to teach yoga in a big stage to train School Teachers in Mangalore. Later one of the Iyengar Yoga Teacher provided great opportunity to extend his yoga knowledge and skills in teaching what he has acquired from former Yoga teachers in Shanthivana Trust. After Completing 2 years of Yoga Sadhana mainly on Yoga Bible-Light on Yoga like others attracted, Master decided to marry in 2008 and entered to Grahastashrama from Bhramchryashrama and Yoga Enthusiast and Ambitious master continued yoga journey for next 2 years to learn yoga more from different places like Annamalai University, Shivananda, Art of Living Bangalore, Pathanjali Yoga Peetha and so on . As dreams come true, This long journey ended and made Santhoshji to become professional Yoga Teacher with his own yoga Studio Yogadarshanam formally known as Ayush Yogadarshanam after meting Yoga legendary and Padma Bhushana B. K.S Iyengar in Chidambaram, Annamalai and also His daughter Geethaji and Son Prashanthji later pursuing Iyengar Yoga Sikshana at the end of 2009 with great support of spouse Sujatha.

Today, Yogaacharya is well known international yoga guru and conducting Yoga Certification (TTC), Workshops, Retreats across the Globe owned many awards like Rashtra Vibhushana, Yoga Bhushana, Golden Star from various places and organisations. Master also providing Educational and Financial support to under prevailed children and poor people having his own charitable trust-Yogadarshanam Foundation(R) and feeling happy with cute son Omkar and Pranava .

Ashtanga Yoga Teachers Training India


Ashtanga Vinyasa of Mysore is one of the popular Yoga style in the world. Originated from the teachings of the T.N. Krishnamacharya, a great Scholar and Legendry of Yoga Studied from Rama Mohan Brahamachary in his north Indian travel. Krishnamacharya introduced to Mysore Royal Family and Later its popularized by many of his disciples. People also call Vinyasa Yoga and the world Ashtanga is since Classical Ashtanga Yoga principles incorporated in it .According to Krishnamacharya Ashtanga Vinyasa has wide meaning and views . Its not only practicing Asanas, its meeting needs of each individuals and applying throughout the life skillfully and artfully. Yogadarshanam is one of the oldest yoga school conducting Ashtanga Yoga teachers training(8 limbs Yoga) from 2 decades in Mysore at lowest price along with many free additional yoga subjects. The school upholds traditional education and training of many great Yoga Masters whosoever contributed to the Ashtanga Vinyasa System with gratitude and respect in Mysore style with a mission of “ INJURY FREE ASHTANGA YOGA TRAINING ” for next generations. Master Santhosh always stressing the word “ Do yoga with pleasure not with pressure” and transforming this unique and special yoga practices for all our students meeting their requirements with the combination of traditional and contemporary manner. This Ashtanga vinyasa training designed according to YD style includes Dristi , Bandha , Powerful Breathing –Ujjayi. There will be enough knowledge on alignment , modifications, corrections & adjustment also with the observation and careful supervision of experienced yoga teachers. Students can learn different unit of Ashtanga Yoga like Prayers , Vinyasa A & B, Standing Asanas, Sitting Asanas, Finishing Sequence, Theory, Related Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy, Teaching practice, Pranayama, Meditation and So On.

Hatha Yoga Teachers Training in Mysore India

Our Hatha Yoga Teachers Training Course in Mysore is very popular since many people are liking more numbers of Yoga Asanas in their own sequences to practice and enjoy . Hatha Yoga is about channelizing internal energy. Its considered as Oldest Yoga practice according to many Hatha Yoga Scripts. Adi Natha( Shiva) is the first adi Yogi for Hatha Yoga according to Natha Traditions. This Hatha TTC extracted details from Main 3 classical Hatha Yoga Books – Hatha Yoga Pradeepika, Gheranda Samhita and Shiva Samhita.
The main goal of this Hatha Yoga Teachers Training is to learn classical hatha yoga concepts and various knowledge of different Indian Hatha Yoga Masters in traditional form. Master Santhosh’s immense knowledge in Hatha will help student teacher to advance your practice in Hatha Yoga with additional knowledge of Shivananda school of yoga and others.
“Yogasthu Darshanaya , Nathu pradarshanaya” “Yoga is not for external exhibition but it’s for internal expressions” based on this, school carefully designed hatha yoga training curriculum to learn traditional hatha yogic science focusing on B. K. S IYENGAR style. The teacher training includes all hatha yoga concepts like 84 traditional hatha yoga poses among 200+ asanas and its benefits and limitations , ashta kumbhaka Pranayama , Shat Kriya , Meditations, Nadi, Prana, Chakras, etc with essential Human anatomy , Theory and Philosophy .


Yoga Therapy Training in Mysore India


Yoga therapy is all about to prevent, cure and manage certain ailments with specific yoga techniques and yogic life style with Ahara(food), Vihara (Work life balance), Achara(Habits and activities), Vichara(Thoughts), Vyavahara(social relationship). Ours is the first yoga institution in India offering yoga therapy training and mudra yoga therapy for the students coming from all over the world. This therapeutic yoga course includes yogic management and specific yoga plan for most common ailments with anatomy , philosophy , Theory based on five elements , Tri dosha , Pancha kosha & Pancha prana as well as Mudra yoga vijnana giving complete comprehensive knowledge of various Mudra ( 100 + ) practice guidelines and therapeutic applications both in separate course and part of all our teacher training course. These courses will enhance your teaching skills as well as reach more people in your yoga professional. Because you cannot expect only healthy people to your yoga class, students may join with certain medical conditions. So, You should know how to handle in your class as well as to treat your personal ailments through yoga therapy underrating manifestation of diseases according to yoga( Adhi to Vyadhi), Yogic assessment , 4 phase of Vyadhi manifestations, Health evaluation , effect of yoga therapy on various levels.

Pre-natal & Post-natal Yoga Training in Mysore India

Prenatal and postnatal yoga training is a special yoga programme to care pregnant ladies during and after pregnancy meeting her needs to give best pregnancy experience without any pregnancy complications .This Yoga Training will help yoga teachers to handle pregnant ladies in yoga classes with full of confidence in a right manner. Yogadarshanam is the only school teaches prenatal yoga and Postnatal yoga(Pregnancy Yoga) in Mysore India. After long time experience in prenatal yoga and postnatal yoga (pregnancy yoga teaching) Master Santhosh kumar designed a suitable authentic curriculum to train interested yoga students and teachers to teach pregnancy yoga both for personal and professional purposes . Training includes pre- pregnancy activities , first , second , & third trimester schedules, labour pain management techniques, solution for breach baby , complete post natal yoga solutions along with essential Asana techniques, Pregnancy yoga Sun Salutations, Relaxation techniques, nutrition details, Pranayama, Meditation, Chants, Kriya, Mudra, Therapy, Anatomy. Anatomy covers Uterus structure, Gestation and Fertilization, Fetus development, child birth, C-Section and some of the important pregnancy issues.


Regular Yoga Classes and Practice In Mysore

Now yoga trainers, tourists and enthusiasts can take drop in ,2 week long or month long yoga classes both in Mysore style as well as personal training.Yoga Classes are conducted both in main school and Yogadarshanam Foundation school from morning to evening to meet your requirements with the help of our experienced staff. choose your time and class to enjoy your pleasant Mysore yoga during your Yoga journey with your sole mates.

Yogadarshanam Training in Global Map:

A.Yoga Teachers Certification course has been conducted in Dubai from last 6 years in Icon Tower and I-rise Tower at Teacom, Dubai Internet City. Totally 150 certified yoga instructors in middle east now. Training is limited to 20days and organised 4 times a year in January, April, June and October of every month at affordable price in fact ours is the lowest fee Yoga Teachers Training.

B.Our 200hrs yoga teachers training now available in Sri-Lanka in beautiful resort. World’s NR3 best yoga and surf Retreat at EARTHLINKS, Sri lanka with Accommodation and delicious food.

C. Our upcoming countries are China, London, Greece, etc. You can train where you are. Best opportunity to experience India’s best Yoga Training from a experienced Yoga Guru. For more details and info contact us by email or what’s up.