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Beginner, Intermediate
A building needs a very good foundation to stand long-time without any damage. Likewise a yoga practitioner has to be based on a good foundation in all the way to progress in yoga field. This foundation course is combination of beginner and intermediate Asana and other Yoga practices, provides good base to practitioner in all the layers of the body, prepares nervous system, stretches and strengthens muscular system, increases flexibility with attractive body shape, firmness in the posture and in the mind takes in to higher level of the yoga practice.

If you are unfamiliar to yoga or if you don’t have enough preparation mentally and physically you can choose beginners course. We will set the yoga programme depending upon flexibility, needs and requirements of the students. It is fully student oriented practice , gives firm base in yoga field without injury and with full of joy.

This practice needs little knowledge and preparation in yoga field. This is extended part of the beginners practice in Foundation session. The special practice schedule on each part of the body takes you to advance yoga practice.

It is an ongoing course. Full course takes full of 4weeks with above schedule. Student also can take regular foundation yoga sessions for any length of time but at least minimum of 1week. Foundation course s very useful to learn fundamental things of yoga and yoga concepts and to understand asanas, pranayama ,meditation , etc to keep regular practice to be fit and healthy. Suitable for one who wishes to take Yoga Teachers Training Course in near Future or in order to prepare well to the any up coming Training courses