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Kids yoga is a special yoga programme to handle kids to meet their requirements and benefit from yoga practice. The kids yoga lesson plan includes a carefully designed yoga and mindfulness activities according to the age of the children and their ability unlike teaching yoga to the adults. Kids yoga activities can be done with teacher in yoga classes or with parents in home whenever they want in a group or alone. Kids doing yoga in group will help to enjoy and involve more since most of the yoga activities encourages kids in group than doing it alone.

Teaching yoga to the kids has several benefits on physical psychological point of view, taking yoga with their daily activities along with education very helpful for personality development. Yoga is best tool for Five-fold personality development (panchamukhi) of physical level, mental level emotional level, Intellectual level and social or spiritual level.

Physical level:
Today, kids are spending more time in front of TV and computer or gadgets like mobile without proper muscular activities. So that yoga can help to exercise and improve blood circulation to promote good growth of bone and muscular system of children body becomes more strong as well as more flexible. Certain yogasana gives good endurance power and strength, yoga can also gives good balance and enhanced memory in physical level with proper brain growth.

Mental level:
Yoga is very helpful to have good mental energy and sharpness for children. Kids yoga activities and certain balancing Asanas will help to focus and improve attention span. Hence kids yoga also good for ADHD children, (Attention Deficient Hyperactive Disorder) in the school. Specific mystic chanting like OM, Mudra, meditation or mindfulness practice will improve concentration power in children to have best academic performance. Kids yoga will also help to come out of study stress and examination fear.

Emotional level:
Kids yoga will provide opportunity to the children to manage team work in kids yoga activities. This will help to bear leadership quality by expressing his or her own feelings (kids can learn to love each other and show compassion during kids yoga practice with fellow mates. Kids yoga can help in many ways to understand and manage emotions to the children, so that kids can express anger, love, compassion etc in their routine in healthy manner.

Intellectual level:
Kids yoga can give good impact on intellect. Kids can read and write faster, certain yoga practice improves vocal cord ability and good breath control, specific asanas facilitates good motor skills for writing. Meditation kind of practice will help to remember by improving good concentration and memory . Yoga has great impact on skills development, creativity and IQ.

Social / spiritual level:
Kids yoga will teach children regarding how to respect each other and mingle in group with proper communication and understanding. Yoga is about to share and care. Kids yoga will help to put this seed in their heart.