Yogadarshanam Application Form for Teacher Training


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    Terms & Policy of Yogadarshanam.

    1. Please ensure that your meeting minimum prerequisites to apply for Yogadarshanam Training Courses or Yoga Classes
    2. Yogadarshanam has all the rights to refuse students for any of its training courses, Classes, workshops, retreats, etc.
    3. Students must pay initial registrations fee on application to enroll for the required courses and balance has to be paid upon arrival before course starts.
    4. The information you provided in the registration form must be correct and accurate on your knowledge.
    5. Fee is not refundable or transferred under any circumference Once applicant is accepted and Fee paid at the time of registration on application.
    6. Your Course fee will be preponed / postponed or transferred for one time only to the upcoming training date if any emergency or genuine reasons or if you withdraw from the course with a request letter to the director . For this some additional charge is applicable.
    7. Training students are responsible for their own travel plan arrangements. (School assistants will help and assist if required only ).
    8. Please discuss with Admin or Master about the course or classes your are interested in if you have any confusions before registering.
    9. We respect your concerns, and we answer for all your questions in 24 hrs, very rarely there will be delay but not more than 2 days.
    10. Please enter if you have real interest in the system of Yogadarshanam Yoga School.
    11. Moderate dress code is recommended.
    12. Please maintain MOUNA – Silence in the school premises.
    13. Decent and dignified behaviors are expected from all the students inside and outside the school premises. Loud speaking, hugging partners, speaking indecent words, practice of any other style and systems are strictly prohibited inside the school premises.
    14. Regularity and Punctuality is strictly maintained to enhance deep learning.
    15. Absence of more than 2 days in a month without any genuine reasons or illness need to take missed class on additional charges for certification courses.
    16. Follow the timings precisely, Delay of more than 3 classes in a month will lead to cancellation.
    17. Students need to pass Certification Courses with minimum of 60% assessment of performance, attendance, etc., in order to award certificate according to school and yoga alliance.
    18. If your unable to attend the class in case of illness or other issues, please inform to the Admin or Class Teacher.
    19. Don’t Shout or talk unnecessarily during the the Class.
    20. All doubts and questions are asked politely in free time. If necessary with a prior appointment.
    21. Yoga students must ensure the protection of Yogadarshanam Copy Rights.
    22. No any kind of disobedience allowed in the school.
    23. Respect your Yoga Master and Yoga Mates inside and outside the class.
    24. Please avoid touching Yoga Teachers and using his belongings for any purposes.
    25. No students are authorized to re-sell seats of the any Training Program of Yogadarshanam.
    26. Yogadarshanam reserves all the rights to dismiss students who permits access to unregistered trainee.
    27. Yogadarshanam students should not distribute or permit any of the Training Manuals, Books, Materials to a third party.
    28. School has uniform fee structure to every one, even though school reserves rights to offer special discounts and concision to a group or a individuals based on several factors.
    29. $150 has to be paid to the lost or damaged certificate with a request latter to the Director.
    30. We are not responsible for lose of any travel arrangements due to any issues.
    31. Yogadarshanam is not responsible for any medical or personal expenses during yoga training.
    32. School suggests everybody to follow healthy way to the happy life with comfortable food and life style.
    33. All our Training Course/Classes has immense Knowledge and information. Hence, We advise you to set your mind and be open to receive.
    34. Some Additional Courses are included freely for Teacher Training Students but Certificates for Additional courses are chargeable.
    35. Yogadarshanam is open to receive suggestions and feedback but not criticize.
    36. We look forward from all yogis to be clean and pure with yoga mat, cloths, etc.
    37. Three Meals are served only 6 days a week . Sunday fasting or your own food can be consumed If Food is booked.
    38. All of our Training courses or classes are booked with or without accommodation.

    When you enroll for our Training Courses or classes , you affirm that you abide and comply these terms and policy with full of your knowledge and understanding. If failed the director of the Yogadarshanam has all the rights to take action against to you

    I am happy and Understood