Advance Yoga

  1. 1 year of Consistency in yoga practice
  2. level -1 yoga teachers from any school
  3. To deepen your yoga practice
  4. To achieve difficult Asana practice like Scoripion Pose, Kapothasana, Chakra Bandhasana, hand balancing, back bend, hip open, etc.,
  5. To work on your key asanas
  6. Advance Practice given on Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga in Mysore style
  7. Practice can be taken from 2 weeks to any number of days
  • Morning session -90min
  • Pranayama and Meditation-60min
  • Evening session -90min
What is included?
  • Practice Manual
  • Hand Chart
  • Accommodation
  • Food

35,600 for 4 weeks