Kriya or Detoxification

Shat Kriya also known as Shat karma. It is yogic way of detoxing our body just like Pancha Karma of Ayurveda. The waste from our body should excreted daily as a part of Nithya Kriya known as mala in Ayurveda. When we dump toxins in our body it will start to breed diseases just like keeping garbage longer time in dust bin.

Polluted air, Smoking, alcohol beverages, contaminated water, chemical based soft drinks, processed food, sugar, drugs, medicines, fruits and vegetables with preservatives & pesticides are killing our body due to toxicity. When toxin increases it damages our power house mitochondria and fastens our aging process and sickness.

We can easily rejuvenate with the help of cleansing techniques along with antioxidant food and life style. Hence Yoga is best holistic approach to begin and something this you can think to become healthy.

Join this course with following wellness program from a week to month long.

“Give rebirth to your body by rejuvenating with anti-aging techniques”
  • Free Yoga Consultation prior to start practice
  • 1 session of daily Asanas practice
  • 1 session of daily pranayama
  • Hand chart and Small manual provided
  • Ayurveda Doctor’s Consultation For diet and life style
Detox List:
  • Kapal Bhathi (Frontal brain and Lungs)
  • Jala nethi (nasal passage cleansing)
  • Sutra nethi (nasal passage cleansing)
  • Vamana dhauthi (upper alimentary track cleansing)
  • Shankhaprakshalana (whole alimentary canal-mouth to anus, cleansing or Master Cleansing)
  • Mala Shodhana- rectum Cleansing
  • Trataka- eyes cleansing
  • Agnisara- Gastric fire activation