Yoga Therapy Practice

Yoga therapy techniques are offered in two different manners.

A. Therapeutic yoga classes for health issues either one to one or in a group. Here student can take yoga therapy as long as they want practice.

Residential Yoga Therapy option is another opportunity if your coming from outside.

This is a holistic health care and wellness program me to cure or treat health problems or manage with proper lifestyle along with Ayurveda. Yoga and Ayurveda consultation is included by an expert or from our Ayurveda Doctor.

B. Yoga therapy Course is a opportunity to learn additional skills to handle health issues or patients in their yoga classes.

  1. Yoga therapy manual provided
  2. Most common diseases are discussed and studied
  3. Yoga therapy Practical
  4. General Medical and Vedic anatomy
  5. Theory on Health and Diseases
  6. Concept of Health according to Upanishad, Ayurveda, etc.,
  7. 5 Bodies And Components like Prana, Nadi, Elements, etc.,
  8. Concepts of Salutogenesis and Pathogenesis
  9. Psychosomatic and Somatopsychic Diseases
  10. Manifestation of Diseases and Transfer
  11. Assessment, Diagnostic Tools, etc
  12. Life style and Food
  13. Certificate of Completion
Note- This is Free and Optional for our Teachers Training Students
  • 9.30am to 10.30am
  • 2pm to 3pm
Duration: 15days Course
Date and Price
  • Every month
  • 18,600 rupees
  • Excluding Food and Accommodation