300 hrs Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher Training

Training Details:

300 hrs Ashtanga vinyasa teacher training will help to resume your primary series if your lagging in any asana and to ensure your qualification to move on to intermediate ashtanga vinyasa 2nd series. 2nd series has broken down into several elements like back bending, hep opening, hand balance et…

So, this will help student to achieve intermediate asana list of 2nd series in ashtanga vinyasa level-2 training gives more skills and advance vinyasa knowledge to handle advance yoga students in the ashtanga vinyasa class. Also this training ensures more stability and perfection in the body to sit with advance pranayama and meditation practice.

300 hrs ashtanga vinyasa training is for you to move on to advance ashtanga vinyasa practice.


  1. Practice of second series of Ashtanga vinyasa.
  2. Tune your primary series of vinyasa practice.
  3. Practice of Advance pranayama.
  4. Application of Bandha, Kumbhaka, Mudra etc.
  5. Set up your meditation practice learning different school of medication.
  6. Learn relaxation techniques and healing practices like IRT, QRT, DRT, yoga nidra, chakra healing, cosmic healing from Om etc.
  7. Advance your theory and philosophical knowledge.
  8. Get an Ayurvedic knowledge on various concepts.
  9. Study anatomy and physiology of different diseases to enhance your yoga therapy knowledge.
  10. Improve your spirituality through many supportive practice like japa, mantra, shloka, prayers etc.
  11. Detax your body and mind through advance shat kriya practice like Agnisara, nauli kriya, advance sutranethi, kapala bhathi etc.
  12. Learn corrections and adjustments on key asanas.
  13. Become confident to lead your yoga class with teaching skills with informative theory on teaching methodology.
  14. Stand up as a advance yoga teacher, more than that become a best teacher for you to begin new life with necessary transformation.


Learning yoga is just like counting stars in the galaxy. It is enormous and limitless, having some yoga experience now you are on the way to go further in this yoga galaxy. So this curriculum is to know your position in the galaxy and to go further in the journey.

  1. Focus on Ashtanga vinyasa practice:
    1. Here you will learn Ashtanga vinyasa system of Asana practice. Practice will be given on Asanas of primary series and 2nd series in yogadarshanam style with techniques, breathing and YD counting with necessary looks, breathing etc. There will be 2 sessions of Asana practice to work on different Asanas using vinyasa and master techniques classes will be given on Mysore style to follow traditions of Mysore’s yoga school.
  2. Expose to Advance pranayama:
    1. You will learn advance pranayama techniques:

This teachers training course is only if you have good yoga experience or if you have done level-1 yoga teachers training from Yogadarshanam or any similar standard yoga schools. If this is not the case you may enrol to level-1 Ashtanga yoga training with us.

Regular Schedule

5.45am – Be in the school and Mouna.

6am to 7.30am – Ashtanga Vinyasa Practice and Relaxation.

7.30am to 8.30am – Pranayama, Advance Techniques, Bandha Practice and Healing, Meditation Practice.

8.30am to 9.30am – Break Fast.

9.30am to 10.30am – Yoga therapy Practice (15days)| Pre-natal & Post-natal Yoga (12days).

10.30am to 12.15pm – Yoga Theory, Advance Philosophy, Yoga Sutra, Yoga & Anatomy, Kids Yoga Classes (7days).

12.15am to 2.30pm – Lunch Break and Private Time.

2.30 pm to 3.30pm – Theory on Yoga therapy, Pregnancy Yoga, Advance Mudra Yoga Study and Vedic and Medical Anatomy.

3.30pm to 5.00pm – Focus on 2nd Series Ashtanga Vinyasa Asanas through Hip Opening , Back Bend, Inversion, Leg & Arm Balance, Relaxation.

5.00pm to 6.00pm – Learning Corrections, Asana Techniques, Teaching Practice, etc.,

6.00 to 7.00pm – Focus on Chants, Japa, Good times, Self study, Introversion, etc.,

7.00pm to 8.00pm – Dinner Time.

8.00 pm On-wards Personal Work, Preparations and Good night.


  • Don’t commit to any other works *Schedule may Subject to change.
  • Saturday is Advance Detox or Shat Kriya Techniques along with Daily Schedule.
  • Saturday Noon and Sunday is resting.
  • 2 to 3 hours daily Self Study is suggested.

* 2nd of every Month. Please e-mail for fee.

Only our yoga teachers training course covers additional knowledge freely and separately for our yoga teachers during yoga TTC to make you confident and comfortable to handle all kind of yoga students in the class. School is very proud that this is first and best opportunity in India only from us provided.

Topics :

  1. Yoga Therapy Sessions – Theory and Practical on most common diseases to handle patients in the class.
  2. Pregnancy Yoga Training – Pre-conception, Prenatal stage and Postnatal stage in detail to handle pregnant women in the class.
  3. Kids Yoga Training with Acro Yoga Techniques – to manage children in the yoga class.
  4. Mudra Yoga – study of gestures to treat health issues when some one is not able to do yoga postures and exercises.

Note :

  • Its is not a just title here but a standard Course what other school covers with high PRICE.
  • FREE and It is optional if you don’t want study burden.
  • Manuals and hand charts are included.
  • Courses are covered with special schedule. So, Don’t engage in any activities during our TTC.
  • Certificates are provided on demand with certification charges.

The course includes 30 days of standard accommodation with a fan, bed, pillow, net, water and western toilet. Homemade vegetarian food for 3 meals will be served throughout your stay. Fasting or fruit can be consumed on Sunday from the student side for best cleansing and to benefit more from the course.

A practical and theory test will be conducted at the end of the course. You will receive a 300-hour Yogadarshanam certificate accredited by Yoga Alliance, USA. You will be a proud yoga teacher to life a sport of yoga with your own yoga journey.

Work on Ashtanga vinyasa 1st series.

You will be connected with Master and school for all kind of assistance forever. Doubts and questions can be solved. Also there will be support to continue yoga education.